Saanjh Festival

The Saanjh Festival, also called Amritsar Lahore Festival, was established in 2004 with the purpose of bridging the gap between both sides of Punjab (in Pakistan and India), by providing a platform for artists from either side to perform. The festival is committed to the development of Punjabi language and literature and aims to foster better understanding in a region divided by a geographical boundary, but united by a common culture. It showcases a diverse range of performing arts, including Sufi, folk, and classical music as well as theatre, all sung and performed in Punjabi.

The Saanjh Festival takes place in two phases, first in Lahore and then in Amritsar. Folk and Sufi music artists/ groups such as Saeen Zahoor, Overload, Allah Ditta Lonay Wala, Jutt Brothers, Goonga and Mithu Saeen, Dholias and Rafaqat Ali Khan have performed at Saanjh in Amritsar. The feature film Zar Gul and documentary film Sufi Soul: The Mystical Music of Islam (from the UK) have also been screened.

With each passing year, Saanjh hopes to broaden its repertoire by including more art forms and groups in becoming a unified voice advocating peace and tolerance. This festival is the largest peace initiative by an art organisation, promoting harmony through recognition and appreciation of the culture common to India and Pakistan. It strengthens ties and advocates justice, freedom and dialogue between people.