Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop

The Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW) named after Rafi Peer, Pakistan’s foremost modern dramatist was launched in 1974. It is a non-government organization that promotes the arts, focuses on culture and aims to educate and entertain through its activities. RPTW has the distinction of being the only cultural and event management organization in the country that has conceived and executed sustained annual global and cross-cultural mega-events.

Today the RPTW, comprising Peer Events Management, The Rafi Peer Cultural Centre & Faizaan Peerzada Museum of Puppetry, Peer Films and Peer Artist Management, is known for its groundbreaking festivals including The World Performing Arts Festival, Youth, Film and Folk Festivals as well as the Mystic Music Sufi Festival, the Saanj Amritsar Festival for Peace and the Oslo Mela. Each of these extravaganza’s works promotes the arts in Pakistan and the cultural face of Pakistan to the global community.

Our unique strength lies in our organizational diversity and tremendous global networking capabilities. Over the last four decades, the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop has built up, not only a tremendous in-house infrastructure of technical professionals and equipment but a strong international network that allows us to pool resources and talent with a diverse array of organizations and technical specialists around the world.

Since 1992, RPTW has organized 60 international performing art festivals including eight national folk puppet festivals in Pakistan. Our international events have brought more than 20,000 foreign artists to Pakistan from all over the world and have entertained more than 4.5 million people, firmly establishing Pakistan on the global cultural map. The festivals promote understanding between diverse cultures along with values such as peace, harmony and art as a vehicle of essential human expression.

RPTW has gained useful experience through its international tours over several years. RPTW has toured Europe, the US and Canada, with projects demanding major logistical and management skills.

RPTW has most recently been engaged in creating developmental and educational entertainment and learning content for children and communities. We use the performing arts to create positive messaging and joyful learning for children as well as interactive development programs with communities that use the arts to create awareness and education, especially in rural and marginalized areas.

RPTW has been working in the following capacities over the last 40 years:

  • Puppetry
  • Television & Film Production
  • Developing International Festivals
  • Promoting Traditional Local Puppet Groups & Craftsmen
  • Training and Educating Youth/Children through Performing Arts
  • Developing Awareness at the Grass-root Level through Performing Arts
  • Marketing of Productions and Events to Television Networks and Sponsors
    Theatre productions
  • Creating Training & Cross-Cultural Programs with International Counterparts
  • Creating Educational and Developmental Content and Activities for Children and Communities

Departments & Technical Capabilities

Today the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is a powerhouse in the world of festivals, production and event management. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality, sustainable, well-attended events that set the benchmark of quality and creativity in South Asia.

With a technical capability and in-house facilities developed over four decades and through rigorous on-ground learning and evaluation, RPTW remains the only organization of its nature and capabilities in Pakistan.

Technical Capability and In-House Technical facility

We at the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop are confident of our capacity to execute large-scale events from conception to execution. We bring years of experience and credentials to the table and the unmatched ability to manage all aspects of creative conceptualization along with efficient execution and organization on a mass and multi-dimensional scale.

Happy Clients
Successful Projects

Technical Experts and Specialized Departments

Content Development Department

The Content Department at RPTW works to provide a sound, research-based direction to the project’s activities so that it promotes universal values while remaining firmly rooted in Pakistan’s unique cultural and social setting. It is involved in various stages of production from start to finish and ensures that all objectives of the project always remain at the forefront of our endeavours.

The Content Development Department specializes in understanding the core goals and objectives of our clients, partners, donors or the particulars of specific projects and translating them into vibrant and engaging original content.

The Content Department creates original material for theatre, film, events, puppetry, cultural festivals and educational and developmental programs. for children and community outreach. And specializes in hands-on interactive engagements that strengthen core values and positive messaging through the arts.

Programs Department

The Programs Department at RPTW is responsible for the creation of each event’s on the ground, communication and pre-event Design and Execution. This is where our entire team of creative and technical experts joins hands and works their magic to transform concepts into complete shows.

The Programs Department specializes in 360 Degree Packaging of each initiative. From multi-platform creatives to the design of communication and outreach agendas and the development of long term goals and sustainability.

The Programs Department produces the event from its inception as a concept through stages such as design, visualization, packaging, promotion, selection and training to the final product executed on the ground or finished in postproduction, ready to be showcased.

Creative Department

RPTW is engaged in highly aesthetic work in design, technical development and production of all kinds of stage sets, costumes, props, masks, mascots, and puppets.

Creative is responsible for designing and producing the following:

  • Puppets and Mascots
  • The event, Outdoor & Building Ambiance
  • Costumes
  • Props / Outdoor 3D Structures
  • In-house Workshop Space
  • Set and Stages

Puppets and Mascots

RPTW produces and creates puppetry productions and shows, as well as puppets and mascots for projects ranging from theatre productions to stadium events.

Whether for theatrical production, business or sporting club or building brand identity, impressive puppets and mascots are designed and produced by our in-house team of artists and craftsmen.

We design and make various types of puppets including:

  • Hand puppets
  • Muppet-style puppets
  • Marionettes (or String puppets)
  • Rod puppets
  • Bunraku
  • Giant puppets

RPTW has created a wide range of characters that have been used in:

  • Corporate Events
  • National Events
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Theatre
  • Television
  • Advertising
  • Sports
  • Festivals
  • Team Building
  • Play Therapy

In furthering its aim to promote puppetry as a cultural medium and communication tool in the arts, media and education, RPTW has established a puppetry theatre space at The Faizaan Peerzada Museum of Puppetry, where the art and heritage of puppetry can be preserved, promoted and passed on.

RPTW’s In-house Studio Facility

Fully equipped state of the art production studios complete with full industry-standard ceiling lighting rig and floor lighting, Steadicam unit and full HD camera facilities.

  • Fabricated and soundproofed. Dimensions: 200x70x32 feet
  • Detailed limbo and outdoor sets can be fabricated at the venue offering complete solutions to clients for shooting.
  • Facilities at the studio include Production office, Program Control Room (PCR), Green-room, cafeteria, makeup room, props and costume room, storage spaces and toilets.

RPTW In-House Post Production Facility

Our Post-production facility includes Industry-standard Apple Mac Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and Avid digital editing facilities over 6 professional editing suites and fully trained technical staff that is specially trained in developing the following:

  • Editing and packaging
  • Background score of episodes
  • Sound effects
  • Transitional effects
  • Development of promotional videos

RPTW In-house Animation Facility

The Animation Studio is equipped with the latest best-integrated hardware, with professional 2D and 3D tools, and other facilities.

The Animation team consists of 1-Visual Storyboard Artist, 2-Animators, 1-Illustrator, 1-Animation TD, and 1-Animation Coordinator who are fully equipped and trained to develop the following:

  • Broadcast graphics, screen bug, program jackets etc.
  • Title animation for the broadcast.
  • Promo composition/graphics.
  • Develop storyboards for different animated sequence.
  • Character illustrations/concept sketches for 3D content.
  • Illustrations/promotional materials for use by the creative department.
  • Various prop designs/illustrations for creative dept.

In House Music Production Facility

RPTW has developed a State of the art sound studio that has been fabricated and sound-proofed by technical experts the Recording studios plus music rehearsal/performance studios, with the extra ability to record live from all performance spaces at the venue and outside. Each of the studios has an industry-standard state of the art, top of the range digital mixing desk and technical recording equipment and instruments available for developing complete music recording for Live events, Television, Radio and Film scoring.

RPTW In-House Workshop Space

A dedicated, purpose-built workshop with complete specialized equipment, ideal space to build specialized props, large structures and set construction.

Sets and Stages and Specialized 3D Illuminated Elements

For over 40 years RPTW has provided innovative, visually stunning Stage and Set Designs for Concerts, Corporate Events, Fund-Raisers, Festivals, Carnivals, Circus Acts, Sports Events, Fashion Shows, Children’s Television Programs and Theatre.

RPTW has its in-house state-of-the-art technical facilities such as lighting equipment, automated lighting, sound equipment, trusses, stages, specialized 3D illuminated elements, and video services.

We also provide professional project management, engineering, programming and installation staff.

RPTW Studio Space

Here we conduct a variety of workshops including:

  • Puppetry Workshops
  • Acting Workshops
  • Writing Workshops
  • Rehearsal Space

Puppetry Workshops are suitable for both the young and old. Students get hands-on experience with puppetry and are taught the foundation of performing with objects, puppets and materials.

Acting Workshops include lessons in observation, concentration, characterization and stage movement. Through improvisation exercises and character development, the students develop a basic acting vocabulary.

Writing Workshops focusing on creative writing, dramatic writing and screenwriting are held here to help individuals harness their creative voice.
Theatre Groups or individuals can also privately hire the Studio Space for rehearsals.

RPTW In-House Facility for On-ground Events and Rentals

  • Lighting equipment / State of the art Lighting Trusses
  • Sound equipment
  • Camera/editing equipment
  • Four trucks for transportation with the facility of turning into a mobile stage
  • Live sound Recording studio
  • Portable Shooting floor
  • Three buses used for pick and drop service
  • Ten make-shift theatres
  • Restaurant on wheels
  • Storage facilities
  • Full-time staff that comprising Coordinators, Managers, Store / Inventory keepers, Cameramen, Editors, Electricians, Sound Engineers, Tailors, Carpenters and Welders
  • Complete office facilities including Design department, Administrative department, Finance/Accounts department, Creative Writing Cell, PR & Media Department, Operation and Programs Department.