Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is the oldest and largest puppet company in Pakistan. In 1992 Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop organized a temporary puppet exhibition as part of the celebrations for the first International Puppet Festival This exhibition turned out to be an unprecedented success and helped Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop conceive the idea of a puppet museum.

Years of hard work turned this dream into reality. The wholehearted response from the audiences and participants convinced Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop of the viability of this project. All these efforts finally culminated in the establishment of the Museum of Puppetry.

The four storey custom designed Museum building comprises of a large display area of 25,000 square feet. The permanent collection is housed on the first floor comprising of international and Pakistani puppets representing the art, culture and ideas of 40-countries. The second floor contains a collection of 200-puppets of Folk heritage of Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop. New additions have also been made on the second floor with puppets from 8-countries. We have reserved the third floor for international exchange and special exhibitions. Prestigious collections from all over the world along with their curators are invited to be displayed.

Training Institute

The Museum o Puppetry and the Training Institute are launching a program for creative learning aiming at increasing understanding and appreciation of the performing arts with emphasis on puppetry, dance and music the essential areas of puppetry and object theatre. The training institute besides enhancing the artistic development of children also assumes the role of a conduit of entertainment, education and opening young minds to a refreshingly creative experience. Through programs like this, the institute provides an opportunity for children to realize their creative potential and their right to creativity and healthy entertainment.

Puppet Making Workshop

Rafi Peer has also been actively involved with puppet workshops for children and young adults across Pakistan in Schools and festivals. We’ve been using puppetry as a tool for education and social awareness Children are engaged in puppet making workshop which will entertain, educate and give them a wonderful keepsake to remember the day as we hope to inspire them. The puppet workshop is led by our skilled puppeteer Yamina Peerzada who specialises in creating dynamic and creative workshops promoting joy and learning through the arts.

The Acting Class Room

The Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is also conducting acting workshops and has recently launched a 3 month acting diploma titled “The Acting Class Room” that develops acting, voice and movement skills. Although this course is not accredited, it is designed to train participants wishing to undertake actor or performance training. The course develops your skills as an actor with specific classes on improvisation, text analysis, voice, movement, and character development. All teaching staff are theatre professionals and work within the drama industry. In the final week you will rehearse and perform in Rafi Peer’s open air theatre.