Work with Development

For over three decades, RPTW has played a pioneering role in puppetry, television/radio programming, theatre, national and international cultural festivals and art events in Pakistan. It has worked with schools and communities in both urban and rural areas and has produced several children’s puppet shows for television and documentaries on puppetry, in addition to more than 5,400 live puppet performances for nearly two million children across Pakistan. It is the only organization in the country to have organized 25 international performing arts festivals and 8 folk puppet national festivals. It has set up Pakistan’s first Museum of Puppetry, where folk traditions are kept alive through workshops and various support mechanisms for craftsmen.

Using the arts to teach, empower and effect change is the hallmark of our activities. Over the years and through these initiatives and mediums the RPTW has used the arts to create awareness, unity and community values with many partner organizations across the country.

The RPTW has partnered with international organizations such as UNICEF and UNESCO amongst others to create learning and awareness programs for children and communities in marginalized areas. We have also worked hand in hand with local, provincial governments to create programs to spread awareness and community building messages, such as the Punjab Governments mobile campaign against drug use in the early ’90s. We also reach out to local NGO’s and institutions to engage their children in our learning workshops and tailor these workshops to the specific needs and agendas of the various organizations, creating concentrated, focused, message-based engagements with a strong core and long term impact.